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  • The group discussion is the activity belongs to do in a group. Most of the companies are making the assessment of candidates through GD.

  • Hi guys , today we will interact about some different aspects of personal interview & the consequences of our attitude while attending the any interview.
  • So,most of the times we can observe that different situational things will responsible to get selected or rejected from the interview. Majorly we will discuss about structured interviews.

  • In structured interviews, questions & responses are fixed. Most of the times structured interviews are normally conducted for technical positions. While giving responses for any structured interviews, what kind of mindset, thinking patterns,complex programme mapping, can be assessed.

  • Well structured interview with questioner gives big impact on the interviewer to verify the quality of thoughts & innovations that can be generated from the logical sequences.

  • Structured interviews are normally fixed for Operations, delivery managers, systems, related things. When logical sequence is most important & that needs to be observed then fixed set of procedures are required to be conducted for the respective job/task.

  • Many times it's observed that for non technical position, While conducting the interview, if the responses are not matching to the set procedures & that is the another reason to have clashes between standards & output.

  • The degree of flexibility of questions is not so high like in Unstructured interview. Structured interviews are not time consuming.

  • In structured interviews, the clarity of task or goal matters with how deep experienced personality is involved to the task.
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