Top ten websites providing ONLINE education and certification

FREE Online Course with certifications :

In India , Nowdays people are moving to online courses mpre. As there are various benefits of online courses as mentioned below

  • 1. Time : anytime you can go for online course
  • 2. Location : venue is not an issue like traditional classroom mode , its ONLINE.
  • 3. Wide Range of courses: In online mode there are thousands of courses available on different websites
  • 4. FREE Online Courses: There are lot of websites who provides FREE courses as well as there are some government initiatives under which they have offered good number of courses FREE of COST.
  • 5. Global reach : Get trained by Experts across globe. You can appear for courses of experts who are globally known.
  • 6. Accessibility : Access online course from your mobile phone/ tab/ desktop easily , anytime , anywhere .

  • Following are the leading /top websites which offers online courses (FREE/ paid) with certifications :

    1. EdX: Click Here

    2. Khan Academy :

    3. MIT Open Courseware :

    4. Coursera :

    5. Open Culture :

    6. Udacity :

    7. ALISON :

    8. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative :

    9. FutureLearn :

    10. NTPEL – National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning : &

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