The importance of GD (group discussion) & how to face it.

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  • The group discussion is the activity belongs to do in a group. Most of the companies are making the assessment of candidates through GD.

  • Group discussion is normally having 7 to 8 candidates, U shaped arrangement will be their to settle in the GD. 1 or 2 panellist are their to control the entire GD process.

  • Following points are very vital which can be considered for any sort of GD.
  • •   Candidate must keep on reading different journals, newspapers, books on various subjects every day without fail.
  • •    Each & evry GD subject can be classified into S T E P (Socially, Technically, Economically & Politically), if candidate is considering all theses angles & aspects in his demonstration of thoughts about the subject then he can contribute much more than other candidates.
  • •   Every candidate needs to ware formal dress with formal shoes. Our confidence will boom only when we commence to augment our lexicon.
  • •    Be a greedy reader, reading is the practice to get high score in GD.

  • we need to keep all the facts & figures in numerical form so that the genuine information can be stated by the candidate.
  • •    Never commence the GD without strong point related to the concern subject. Our pronunciation, body language, vocabulary, voice modulation are the most important aspects which are normally OBSERVED by the panellist.
  • •   Candidate needs to explore and discover the meaning of a topic through interaction with other people. To convey our thoughts to each other is the basic motto of group discussion.
  • •   When a candidate is explaining something then that explanation should be very in modest manner with strong logical points about the subject of GD.
  • •   Candidate should vary his explanation as the level of understanding of the group. Normally technical terms are not strongly suggested, so that more simple terms can be utilised.
  • •   If candidate is using high level English, it doesn't mean that someone is impressing to others. To explain with proper & apt wording is called Communication.
  • •   Communication means to express our feeling or thoughts in a such way that the same interpretation should taken by other to whom the person wants to convey the information.
  • •   When we are dealing with any information in any form, someone should verify the degree of Authenticity, so that more further we can explain anything about the matter.
  • •   To ameliorate our word power, someone should extract the apt meaning of the respective term with context & reference of the statement.
  • •   Candidate should understand the importance of personal grooming. Everyone should be well groomed while attending any official meeting or dialogue with anybody. The importance of attire will be very high so that the it shows that candidate is respecting to his position & profession.
  • •   If a person is following high degree of professionalism, he becomes a good icon in the organisation.
  • •   While attending any sort of GD as a selection process for any company candidate must use only black shoes with black socks & black trouser with full sleeves white or cream or sky blue shirt.
  • •   If a male candidate wants use a jeans, the jeans should be cotton jeans with black shade.
  • •   The degree of confidence will come only if we carry our attire properly. While sitting on the chair, our back should touch with backrest of the chair without of gap.
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