• Selenium is one of the most demanding automated testing suites. Selenium is designed in such a way which supports and encourage automation testing of web-based applications, browsers and platforms.
  • Selenium is the open source community, which becomes one of the most effective tools for software testing executives.
  • Selenium is the integrated package of different testing tools.
  • Selenium package includes of following contents.
  • • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) – Selenium belongs to record and playback.
  • • Selenium Remote Control (RC) – Selenium RC is a server belongs to creat test scripts in programming language, allows to execute the test script.
  • • Selenium WebDriver – Web Driver is directly concern with Web browser.
  • Selenium Grid – Selenium Grid is utilized to allocate the test execution on different platforms. Testing on multiple machines can be possible.
  • Following are the different kinds of locators.
  • • By.id()
  • • By.name()
  • • By.tagName()
  • • By.className()
  • • By.linkText()
  • • By.partialLinkText()
  • • By.xpath
  • By.cssSelector()
  • Following points are belongs to the limitations of Selenium:
  • • Selenium supports to web based applications only.
  • • Selenium can’t be used for any mobile based testing
  • • Selenium is not useful for Barcodes & Capcha.
  • • Selenium is a free tool, so no vendor support is available.
  • The user can be utilized sendKeys(“String to be entered”) to enter the string in a textbox.
  • Syntax:
  • WebElement username = drv.findElement(By.id(“Email”));
  • // entering username
  • username.sendKeys(“sth”);
  • TestNG is an advanced framework which is designed to influence the benefits of both, the developers and the testers. With the commencement of frameworks, JUnit gained an uncountable popularity across the Java applications, Java developers and Java testers are remarkably augmenting the quality of coding.

    It’s easy to use and lucid. JUnit has its own disadvantages.TestNG is an open source framework which is allocated under the Apache Software License and is easily available for download.

  • Following are the different kinds of frameworks:

  • 1. Module Based: The framework which divides the entire Under Testing Application into the number of logical and isolated modules. For every module, we create a separate test script.
  • 2. Library Architecture: The basic concept about the framework is to identify the common steps and group them in functions under the library and application of concern functions in the test script as & when required.
  • 3. Data Driven: The data driven framework aids to user to separate the test script logic and the test data from each other. It allows the user to store the test data into external database. The data is stored in “Key-Value” pairs. So, the key can be utilized to get and settle the data within the test frame.
  • 4. Keyword Driven: The Keyword Driven testing framework is an extension to Data-driven Testing Framework in a sense that it not only segregates the test data from the scripts, it also keeps the certain set of code belonging to the test script into an external data file.
  • 5. Hybrid Testing Framework: Hybrid Testing Framework belongs to combine more than one above mentioned frameworks. The best thing about such a setup is that it leverages the benefits of all kinds of associated frameworks.
  • Behavior Driven Development Framework: Behavior Driven Development framework permits automation of functional validations in easily readable and understandable format to Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, etc.
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