Placement consultants in Pune : Overview, How to check genuine one ? , Do and Don’ts : Exclusively for Freshers..

Pune to be considered as for education in India Pune has various engineering colleges management colleges colleges and some of them are very old and Renowned institutions. since In Pune there are various universities/ colleges and other institutions Pune has an identity called as "Oxford of the East" .

in last two decades Pune has seen very good industrial growth in and around regions. if we will specifically talk about software companies in Pune now approximately who have offices in Pune city aur nearby. there are different it parks like IT Park Magarpatta City Kalyani Nagar Viman Nagar Bane Road aundh IT Park and now Symphony IT Park in Nanded. since there are lot of companies now job seekers are coming every year in search of job. majorly candidates who are not able to make it through campus placement activity till final year demu to cities in search of job.

Being a fresher in this metro cities candidates are not aware not sure about how to get a job?

so in this Job Hunt case many freshers try to get help from placement Consultants. Placement consultants are having various modes to provide placement services to candidates.

a common definition of a placement consultant is can be considered as intermediary Pulsar are company organizations who are recruit candidates and all other side individual candidates who are job into company. Generally companies who are willing to hire candidates but do not have enough sources to search candidates the outsource placement Consultants.

There are hundreds of placement consultancies in Pune different sectors. in case of freshers there are very few placement Consultants who genuinely try to give to fresh graduates.

In some cases try to take the advantage of and miss guide them or provide proper solution or services to that particular candidate. sometimes even candidate Sarso the credibility of the placement consultants and in desperation they get into the trouble.

So this is advisable that to all fresh graduates text service a register page any placement consultant please verify if they are genuine or not.

How to check if a particular placement consultant is providing or not?

There can be different ways to check this of any placement consultant. And here are first you should check their website and try to check all facts and figure posted on their website. Secondly try to check of that placement consultant on multiple sites. just don't check on a single site are you find the reviews of that particular placement consultant please read it.

Next way can be if you able to talk to somebody who has already taken the services from that particular placement can then you make it feedback from that particular candidate depending on his experience. Also did the placement consultant office and try to just do enquiry and evaluate the their office their mode of services extra and depending on your observation to that office decision.

Being and graduate and in search of job it's easy for sump replacement to miss guide you that's why before availing any services placement consultant please verify check observe and then decide. if you do this you will get the right services and right placement consultants who are providing placement services to the candidates and while your observation are visit anywhere recheck that and still if you feel that something is wrong then please do not approach doors consultancies for companies again.

There are some consultancies that provide FREE of COST services and in this case they may be getting revenue from their clients.

And there are other consultants who provide placement services with charges. If any placement consultant is charging a decent amount or minimum amount till that time its not a big concern. but there are some placement consultant who charges very high fees on the name of guaranteed JOB and in many such cases candidates have been lost their money. I suggest you to avoid such fake job guaranteed schemes of placement consultants.

its understandable that Jobseekers can be desperate to get JOB and please NOTE that if you want to get a JOB, Upgrade yourself with required skills for that particular JOB or Industry. Getting job without skills is really difficult. Any company who hires candidates, they always check if that particular candidate is having required skills or not. Companies DO NOT give offers blindly and hence any placement consultant if says he/she can give you direct job without any hassle then it’s really a big question mark.

So my suggestion to all Jobseekers is to first update yourself according to industry expectations first. DO Research on which skills are important to get the desired JOB and study hard.

Practice MORE ...try to get help from online educational sites or friends etc.

Once you feel that you are ready with required skills then do check your knowledge skills through free mock test online and there are many websites who provide free mock test.

Then DO research on placement consultancies and identify the best and genuine companies who provide good placement services either free of cost or at nominal charges. then visit, observe, ask and then take decision carefully.

Create your impressive Resume and upload it on all Job portals. Also create an impressive profile on professional networking sites like Linkedin.

Keep checking with friends who are already working in different companies on employee referral programs and share your profile with them so they can refer you in their company.

Also you can register on career sites of various MNC's directly. Many MNC's are having very good career portal and if you register over there then whenever any job posting happens you get the updates.

Dont get tired of applying to relevant JOB openings as if you will NOT apply then you will never get that opportunity.

On parallel , use various mediums of JOB search/ hunt like Job Portals, Online Assessment and placement companies like amcat, "VibrantMinds" , elitmus etc. and try to get help from them .

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Good Luck...Upgrade, search , apply, appear and get it...!! Happy Job hunting...


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