Graduated ?

  • Pass out from College and Don’t know how to get a JOB ?

  • Now if you are pass out from college and not placed through college campus hiring then you need to be prepare well as you are entering into open market where like you there will be thousands of Jobseekers. Generally in college campus hiring the competition is limited since only your college /classmates were there in campus drives but now its open field for all jobseekers so competition is huge.
  • Here is the list of things a College Pass should do to get a better JOB.
  • 1. Preapre YourSelf : For competition :
  • Now since you are in Open field of Job search , you need to first prepare yourself to get ahead in screening process of companies. So what exactly you need precisely
    • A) Communications Skills /Soft Skills : Generally English is most preferred language in all software company’s hiring processes, so you must have very good communication skills. If you don’t have start improving now.
      B) Technical Skills : Technical skills are very important. You need to have very good conceptual understanding of any programming language/ technology may be like Java, .NET, Software Testing, PHP, Android, iOS etc. Having deep conceptual understanding about any particular technology related to software industry is important. If you want to be a developer then you need to have good logical skills also. Its competitive world so try to have at least couple of technology expertise.
      C) Aptitude : Usually many companies screened candidates on the basis of Aptitude test.An Aptitude test may includes English, Maths, Logical questions, etc. So practice aptitude test. There are lot of practice test are available online also if you are appearing for any particular company then you can try to search for previous test papers on internet so you can get an idea about the company’s recruitment process before appearing to recruitment process.

  • 2. Create /Write your own RESUME :
  • Before applying anywhere, you need to prepare strong resume. You need to be very careful about resume as if you will mention anything which is not relevant or mentioned skills if you don’t have then it might go negative in job interviews. Also DO NOT copy from anybody’s resume, write your own Resume. Resume should be well formatted, you may get sample resume formats on internet and you may use any format which is clean and neat.
  • 3. Let the world know about you :
  • Before you start uploading you resume you need to do some homework.
      A) List down all leading Job portals where you can get job opportunities (you need to have minimum 10 jobsites in your list )
      B) List down all MNC / good company’s career page links. Many companies have their own job application management systems and they post job openings on their website/career page. If you are registered candidates then you may get instant notification if they post any fresher Job.
      C) List down all professional social media website – if you do so then your visible to world easily.
    Now start registering on all leading Job portals , company’s career sites. This may be time consuming but its important to get all job opportunities so you will not miss any opening. Also update you professional social media presence on leading platforms.
  • 4. Start applying for relevant Jobs regularly:
  • If you don’t want to miss any opportunity then keep applying to all relevant job openings. Don’t get tired of applying as if you will not apply then companies will not be able to reach you.
  • 5. Keep Updating your profiles on regular intervals:
  • Usually recruiters check profiles which are recently updated so after uploading your profile on any jobsite or platform, keep it updated so it will appear in recruiter’s search.
    #Stay_Always_Updated #Keep Rocking …!!