Organizational Behavior

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The role of managers to manage the FUNCTIONALITY of any organization, it needs to cultivate theProper working environment with proper mindset.

  • The attainment of the given targets or task is a common team task, which is normally not maintained in the most of the organizations. Most of the times it’s seen that employees are not working for the ORGANIZATION but, they are working for themselves. To work for the self-development is not wrong, but we have to attain the high degree of sustainability of any organization is the most challenging task.

  • Sometimes employees are not coming to the top management, for this situation following reasons may responsible…

  • Management may backfire to the employee

  • Employee don’t want to be open with top manager, coz he feels if he will be open with top management then it may create problem for his function.

  • Working situation also will be highly vital point to have the differences between top management & employees.

  • Awards & reward policy is not executing properly.

  • No direct communication to TOP management, so that no information flow which will flourish the problem of miscommunication.

  • Most of the times POST, POSITION, STATUS & POWER of the personnel will be highly responsible for not to understand the facts & identification of organizational problems.

  • No work but complaining… is the environment which is normally generated coz of lack skills, lack of proper compensation, lack of training, lack of interest for assigned task. This situation affects on the overall performance of the organization, that’s why line manager must be able to identify the serious workforce who is committed for work.

  • Those who are carrying high skills for them organization should offer the role of trainer for new joiner, so that he will feel appreciated & the indirect reward will be offered by the management.

  • The regionalism, similarities of behavioral aspects, to show the power & dominate to subordinates will be highly responsible for not meeting the targets as per the schedules.

  • If management is not providing basic facilities free food, free transport, excessive long working hours, safety of employee in production dept. will be highly responsible for creation difference of opinion.

  • It’s observed that for all white caller jobs, if job satisfaction is less but salary is comparably high, still the rate of attrition is augmenting.

  • The organizational effectiveness will be measured if complaints are coming from down line to up line for the betterment in working environment, maintenance of machineries, decreasing the wastage & rework. Top authorities can understand & do the right things if suggested by the bottom line. Here bottom line representing the Line managers, production workforce, QA, QC, etc.

  • More rework & rejection will create mismanagement of raw material on the production line , which will be harmful to have the assigned target.

  • Management can offer a good group health insurance, good leisure time, regular health check up camp can be executed more effectively so that proper work life balance will be maintained.

  • Low production: Manufacturers are mess up by poor workforce productivity, because of deficiency of automation, outdated manufacturing process, and lack of proper talent. The level skills are not normally sharpened by giving different kinds of departmental training.

  • OJT (on job training) is latest tool which needs to be observed at every organization. Training plays vital role to remove different obstacles of the production line.

  • Skilled workforce will create the difference in the organization. Special responsibilities can be offered so that self image & self respect of employees can be augmented & reflected in the level of expertness. Production is the blood of business , so proper organizational structure can be helpful to circulate the blood & function smoothly.

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