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Start screening programmers with QuodeIt and Never lose good candidates again in initial filtering.

Filter like wizard: Got a pile of Resumes? Still, guess working on candidate’s skills shown on Resume and LinkedIn profile? Don’t just talk to anybody, verify their skills by inviting them for coding tests on QuodeIt. Interview only the best and recruit faster.

We value your time: We have already created tests so that you don’t have to spend time on creating a test from scratch. Select the test from our test library and invite candidates. QuodeIt automatically evaluates their codes and show you best of them.

Know your candidate first:Get a deeper understanding about your potential hires even before taking their interviews. Know if they like to over-engineer on a problem, do they dive right in or think out, how easy their code to read and many more aspects about a candidate.

Our Services

  • Skill assessments
  • Quality question banks

Our Services

  • Wide range of assessment tools
  • Actionable analytics

Send a personal invite to the prospective candidate via email. The Candidate can then take the tests that you have designed for him.

Your assessment can have multiple rounds, you can shortlist candidates from one round to another. Shortlist the candidates and convey their results straight from our system.

Create any number of assessment which could be customised according to your unique needs.

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