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OHR Foundation, Pune organized 74th Knowledge Sharing Session on “Knowing yourself is half battle Won” By Shri. Milind Apte. Event was hosted by VibrantMinds Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune on 20th October 2019 Sunday at 9.30 am to 1.00 pm

OHR Foundations (Only HR ) is well known HR associations in India and Pune is headquarter of OHR Foundation. OHR has almost 2000+ Associated HR Professionals from various companies which includes Manufacturing, IT, Services, Pharma, Automobile, Forging etc. In Pune Only HR Foundation organizes Knowledge sharing session every month and this time OHR event was hosted by VibrantMinds Technologies, Pune.

The Speaker Mr. Milind Apte is well known Psychologist and Counselor . He is MA Psychology. Trained at Albert Blis Institute NEW YORK USA on REBT. Diploma in Child Psychology ^ Adolescence. Training on Faculty Development Program at Toronto CANADA. Doctoral topic on Social Intelligence and Leadership. Published two research papers, study on Entrepreneur Assessment . Has Counselled 500+ Professionals & 200 entrepreneurs.

Session was on “Knowing Yourself is Half The Battle Won.

Brief about Topic: Every Human is born with some talent which we call Inherent also termed as Fluid Intelligence and another is called Crystallized Intelligence . Crystallized Intelligence is learned or acquired intelligence and with these human tries to achieve his desired goal in professional life.

Despite putting all possible efforts, it seen that one is not getting the desired results in academic as well as in career. After the research, it is found that the level of fluid intelligence and the level of Emotion are the major deciding factors in success. Looking to the need a “Psycho Profile Tool” was developed which enable us to see the various level of parameters essential for the individual to get the success in profession.

These can be seen as mirror of the individual to reduce the stress and develop problem solving and decision making ability.

This session was attended by various HR professionals of Industry and majorly from Pune. This session gave very deep level understanding on how to know yourself. Mr Apte explained various aspect of psychology. Mr. Milind Apte shared his profound knowledge on psychology and specifically how HR Professional can benefit out of psychological assessment. He explained on Multiple Intelligence in details.

In this session various dignitaries were in attendees and some of them were Dr. Nagesh Kumar – Senior Corporate Professional (Labor Department of Government of Maharashtra for 14 years ) , Mr. Sanjay Kakade ( Ret. Labor Commissioner Government of Maharashtra ) , Mr. Swapnil Raut Director VibrantMinds Technologies , Mr. Vikas Shinde – CEO & Director of VibrantMinds Technologies, Pune. Mr. Gajanan Khairkar Executive Committee Member of OHR Foundation, Pune.

The complete event was guided by Mr. Prashant Ithape – Trustee, OHR Foundation , Pune India with Mr. Aniket Nilekar- Executive Committee Member –OHR Foundation and Mr. Mahesh Sawant Executive Committee Member –OHR Foundation.

This knowledge power packed session helped HR professionals to understand the human psychology and various aspects of psychology.

Mr. Vikas Shinde started session with introduction and welcome note. Mr. Gajanan Khairkar presented OHR Foundation’s Memento to Mr. Milind Apte after session. Mr. Vikas Shinde ended session by thanking Mr. Milind Apte for wonderful session, OHR Foundation for giving this wonderful opportunity to host OHR BreakFast Session on 20th October 2019.


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