Not able to get Job still ? Lost and dont know how to get Job ? Something is missing ?

Hello Friends,

I have seen lot for freshers who are passed out of colleges and not placed through college campus recruitment. When students gets passed out, they start moving to some major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad , Chennai etc to search for Job as they know a fact that major jobs are available in these metro cities. But when they come to these cities most of the students are not having exact idea about how to serach for Job.

The students tries with various options like some of them consult with seniors, relatives , friends. Some of them starts collecting information through internet. Some of the students start applying from various Job portals. Some of the students starts visiting some training institutes or consultancies and some of students just relocate themselves but they just wait and hope that jobs will come to them.

Most of the students just follow somebody’s advise blindly and choose of the source to get Job. But they don’t understand that if a X source worked a particular person that doesn’t meant that it will work for him/her also.

Practically a Job seekers should do following things to get job opportunities instead of just following a single options and wasting time energy and efforts.

Here are some important things which a Job seeker can do to get Job

1. List down all available options to get a Job :

Being a fresher you need to acquire relevant skills and then you need start Searching job so when you get right opportunity you can grab it.

In IT field job openings are there and If you are a IT Freshers then following details can help you.

——————— How to search for a JOB in IT as freshers: ————————

For a Fresher, There are multiple options (Try all Options) -

  • Job Portals like Jobs - Recruitment - Job Search , , Jobs - Job Search - Employment - Job Vacancies - , Career Advice & Hiring Resources, etc, etc, etc
  • Off-campus Drives: many companies organize off-campus drives, you can apply and attend
  • Open Drives are being organized Training Institutes noways organizes free campus sometime, so keep eye on all such drives
  • Referral Drives: Increase your network with your friends who are working in IT and keep checking with them on Employee Referral drives in their company
  • Join Job-Related groups on Social Media Like Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, etc many MNC’s have their career portals, register in advance there
  • Most Assured: Placement/Assessment companies like VibrantMinds (Vibrant Minds ) , FreshersWorld, Amcat, Elitmus, etc, join to get regular job openings as these companies focus on fresher campus placements. These companies work on freshers placement only, delicately.

2.First do analysis of yourself :

Its very important as if you are not aware what exactly you need to do to get a job then you may try something which is not at all relevant to you. If you will do self SWOT analysis them you will understand the problem statement and once you have problem statement then you can start searching for right answers . otherwise you will end up in wasting your money, time & efforts. For example if you are very good with technical knowledge and not good with English communication then you should improve communication first.

3.Try to understand what skills are required to get Job :

Generally students don’t understand what skills are required to get job. They feel that just having some knowledge of a technology can help themin getting job . of course technical skills are important but with that there are other skills which are required to get job.

So generally all companies follow a pattern in freshers hiring like Aptitude Test , group Discussion, Technical Test, Technical Interviews & HR Interviews. These are most common practices followed by companies in recruitment. Many times I have.

4.Choose right option after self-analysis :

If you know where you are lacking then try to improve that lacking area. For example if you are good with technical knowledge but aptitude knowledge or comm skills are required to updgrade then focus on improving it. So if you will appear for any company’s recruitment process you will be sure that you have all required skill set to crack that particular interview process.

5.List down all available options to get JOB and choose right options only :

On paper list down all options which are available to get job. It can be anything like joining any training institute, uploading your profile on all job portals, attening off campus drives etc.

Then think deeply which option is most suitable for you, don’t just blindly follow somebody’s advise. You can of course check the option suggested by your friends , relatives or anybody.

Choose all right options which are matching to you and then go for it. Do background checking of all options chosen by you . for example if you choose to Join a training institute which can help you to upgrade your knowledge and also can help in getting job openings then do check the background history of that particular training institute. OR if you choose to just apply from Job portals then check that how many job opening you can get through it and in past if any of your friend or relatives has got something out of it. If you will check all facts and figures then you will be having exact idea where to start.

I suggest, List down all options and choose relevant options to get Job and don’t just rely on only one option. Try for more options but with do check authenticity of available option.

6.Be active on Job Hunt 24 * 7 :

Keep your eyes on all job openings. Join Job opening related whats App, facebook groups and stay updated with all the information on which companies are hiring. Register on MNC’s career sites to the moment those MNC’s post any job you will get the notification. If you will get any information of any companies recruitment drive then apply immediately.

7.Be ready with all tools required for Job Interview :

Always be ready with all required things for a Job interview like keep your resume updated and have some hard copies with you always. Keep all documents photocopies ready. For each and every recruitment drive be in formals only.

8.Be ready with all probable question which are asked in interviews :

There are some generic question which are asked in all interviews like tell me about yourself, your hobbies, achievements etc. Practice the asnwers of all such probable question so when you answer it on interivews it should make an impression.

9.Check all information before appearing for any company’s recruitment drive :

Before appearing for company’s recruitment process , get all relevant information about that company from internet or friends etc. Check recruitment process, technical and interview question generally asked in that particular company’s recruitment process. Be ready with all important information about company.

So when any interviewer ask about company you answer all question.

10.If you fail in one interview then think what went wrong and improve :

Its very important that if you fail in any recruitment process of a particular company then think deeply where you went wrong and improve on it. This analysis can help you to overcome same problem if appears in next interview also.

Failures can be there but there are lot of opportunities available so don’t be nervous if you fail but remember if you will fail again with same reason then its really difficult to job.

So overall there are lot of opportunities are available but you should be ready to grab those opportunities. This is a competitive world and here people those who keep themselves updated can only get success. And Be Consistent in your efforts…..!!!

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